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At G&B Construction, we offer a wide array of concrete services to government properties and government contracted areas in the Greater Philadelphia area.

Unlike your standard contractor, we specialize in masonry projects of any size, including excavation, flatwork, retaining wall designs, floor and slab work, and grading to all government contracting areas.  We also offer snow removal services to keep walk-ways and parking lots safe in harsh winter conditions.

Here at G&B Construction, we have the most experienced team along with state of the art equipment and access to materials needed to complete the job.  We specialize in completing the job with long-lasting quality, stress-free communication, and projects are completed on time.

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Using a multi-step process that removes debris from a site to form open space.  We have the necessary equipment and experience to make sure the site is cleared and ready for the building phase.


Our flatwork services include sidewalks, foundations and other flat surfaces that pertain to commercial purposes.

Floors & Slabs

Our Floor and Slab work is a core component in commercial foundations.  Our tools and expertise are used to create different types of slabs, such as; ground-bearing slabs and suspended slabs.

Retaining Walls

We specialize in rigid walls used for supporting soil on different levels on two sides.  Retaining walls can be different types of designs like a gravity wall or anchored wall.


Grading is used to level a base for foundation purposes, which is typically used for roads or other landscapes to improve drainage.

If you own an apartment complex, office building, hotel, or store, contact us to find out how we can help you with your commercial concrete and masonry needs.

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