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When it comes to a piece of land that you want to develop, the first thing you have to do it prepare the site for excavation. This seems like its a simple process but there’s more to it than you may think and it’s a crucial step in the overall process. If you’re looking for a pro to handle all of the aspects of your site, call G&B construction to get the job done. Here are the major steps for excavation site work.


  1. Site Surveying: A surveyor will come out to the site to make sure it is in the right location and within the parameters and boundaries that the site is supposed to be within. They’ll place markers around the site to ensure the developers know the perimeter.
  2. Site Clearing: Before a site can be developed on, the ground must be completely cleared and leveled. This initial process starts with clearing any trees and their roots that may be in the way. The site workers will also remove any objects or structures that are within the ground as well as buildings or obstacles that may be sitting on the excavation site.
  3. Soil Testing: The soil will be tested to evaluate its potential structural integrity to ensure that it’ll be able to withstand a normal force great enough to support the buildings that will eventually be developed on it. They’ll also test how well the soil absorbs water to see how likely the area is to flood.
  4. Geotechnical Site Investigation: Just like the soil testing process, investigators will come out to examine the rock composition within the area as well as the groundwater conditions of the excavation site. This is very important for understanding how to build a foundation for the structures that will sit on the surface.
  5. Site Plan Design: This is a crucial step in the pre-build phase of developing a site. The site plan includes all of the information about the site such as where buildings will be located, where access roads will be build for construction vehicles, where supplies will be stored so that they are easily accessible, and where drainage and septic systems will be built.

When you’re ready to have your site analyzed, excavated, and developed, call G&B construction professionals to handle all of your developing operations.