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Excavating can be both exciting and daunting at the same time for homeowners. Seeing the landscape torn up can leave the homeowner feeling a little bit anxious to say the least. Rest assured that your construction companies goal is to get your land and home through the excavation process as quickly and seamlessly as possible.

There are a few areas that can really cause a snag though and we’re about to dive a little deeper into each one. Mother nature is a beautiful beast and you have to come to expect the unexpected. However, your construction company knows these key pieces of information.

  1. Water: As essential as water is to our existence, we don’t want it to impact our excavating project. Your construction company needs to take into account the water table and moisture content of the surrounding area of your home. If excess water is an issue, this will slow down the excavation process because your construction company will have to dig trenches to divert the water away from your home. The good news is professional construction companies have methods to handle this problem which can end up saving you a ton of money.
  2. The Reality of Rocks: Your professional construction company will be able to survey the land and let you know how rocky the earth is underneath. Building a house in a more secluded area may increase the possibility of rocks where you’re going to excavate. Building closer to areas that have already been developed with neighborhoods could save you a ton of money on excavation costs.
  3. Soil: The dirt and ground itself will need to be surveyed by your construction company because the soil can determine a lot about your build and how much it ends up costing. Soil that is too saturated with moisture can end up caving in in the long run which is obviously a serious problem if the foundation of your home isn’t on solid ground. Have your surveyor inform you about the integrity of the ground where you’re looking to build your forever home.

Although the excavation process may seem a bit scary, it definitely helps to have a professional and experienced team of builders in your corner. Call G&B Construction at 215-919-6600 to take on all of your building and construction needs.